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Top 5 tips for a worry-free wedding (Hena Party, Shaadi, Mehndi, Dholki, Mayo, Valima, Function) planning

It is no surprise that worry, anxiety, and stress are associated when it comes to planning your own wedding. From unrealistic expectations and unforeseen problems to last minute chaos, one can expect anything to go wrong. However, there are ways to plan a wedding without stress, following the advice below can make the wedding experience much more enjoyable and worry free.

Give Yourself Plenty of Time

Never underestimate the time needed for your dream wedding; this is a mistake that most couples make when it comes to planning their wedding is that they do not give themselves enough time to get things planned correctly. All this leads to a feeling of being rushed from the very beginning and can make for a very uncomfortable experience. A couple should allow themselves at least six months to a year to plan their big day in detail, depending on the size and location of the event.

Delegate Tasks

Another thing that can be done to reduce stress from the very beginning is to begin delegating tasks to others. Look for people who you can trust with responsibilities of the big day, people you can count on, these people could be your close relatives (Chacha, mamoo, Phuppi etc.). If you ask around, you are sure to find many family members and friends who are willing to give a helping hand and help plan your wedding day and to make sure that everything goes according to plan.

Hint: Being born in a Pakistani family comes with its perks, full of human resource to delegate work.

Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

There are a million little things that can go wrong when planning a wedding. To create a stress-free environment, you must be willing to let the negligible upsets go and move on at full speed to the next task. Things will go wrong just try to make sure it’s the minor things and not the major things that would impact the overall event experience.

The Golden Rule to remember, no matter what you do there will always be some people complaining, don’t let few minor upsets ruin your special event.

Have a Backup Plan

Planning is good, but having just one plan isn’t a wise thing to do, have a plan B to ensure that you can plan your wedding without the added stress that is usually involved. You should have a backup plan for every part of your event, from the venue to the food. There are many things that could potentially cause you stress when preparing for your wedding day, having that plan B will keep things moving smoothly. After all, the show must go on.

Get Organized

We know this is pretty obvious, but yet most of the couples take it for granted, being organised is the key to having a worry free wedding planning experience. Having everything pre-planned can not only get things done on time and save you from a ton of nerve wrecking stress.

All that mentioned above could be overwhelming for a couple to manage, why not hire someone who has the expertise in planning a perfect wedding. There are wedding planners who can be hired to help you plan and execute your dream wedding, keeping things as organised as possible.

Most importantly enjoy the overall experience and this once in a lifetime event, team Nizam Events wish you a euphoric wedding (Hena Party, Shaadi, Mehndi, Dholki, Mayo, Valima) experience.

What do you think of the tips mentioned above regarding “Hena Party, Shaadi, Mehndi, Dholki, Mayo, Valima, Function planning”? How many of these tips would you follow and find useful for planning your special day? We would love to hear from you guys, let us know in the comments section below.

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